Friday, September 12, 2014

Love Comes Around

Love Comes Around isn’t your average or typical boy meets boy, boy falls in love with boy, they have a fight and separate only to come back to their senses and live happily ever after. No, not one of those, oh there is man meets man but this story dives deeper than that. Also let’s face it, Andrew Grey doesn’t write unhappy endings. He’ll make us cry before we get there but all is well that ends well when reading a book of his. What’s more dominant in this book is finding a place to belong when you’re not good enough or you think you’re not to be wanted. It’s about the love of children that normally wouldn’t get the love they deserve just because they’re not physically perfect or that they’re too much trouble. It takes special people to love these special kids.

Connor O’Malley is a handyman who takes time to make repairs on The Pleasanton Home for Children, which is basically a nice way of saying orphanage. He feels a connection with the kids because he’s felt unwanted his entire life so when he’s there working on something he always leaves time to visit with the children.

Dan Harrington is a very successful businessman. He is striving to prove his father wrong and to make a family of his own choosing. He chooses a family that no one else wanted and who will love him just as he is.

Connor and Dan knew of each other in high school from afar but they meet again because of the work Dan needed done on his home so he could bring another special child into it. An 8 year old boy with MS in a wheelchair named Jerry. Dan had already brought home a 6 year old girl named Lila who has to rely on fore-arm crutches to get around.

Then there’s  Wilson. He took care of the house before Dan took ownership of the place and decided to keep him on. Wilson is the man who keeps everything together, like super glue. He may have started as Dan’s employee but over the years it’s more of a friendship that keeps the wheels turning for the household. He’s like Alfred.

You will fall in love with this brood, I have no doubt. All of them are wrestling with fears of being left alone and having to fight their own demons. Lila and Jerry are very special children, not only because of their physical in-capabilities but because of how they chose to handle them.

Love Comes around has a special place in my heart. I was once one of the unwanted children myself. Happy Reading!

 I give this book 5  Blue roses