Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love Comes Home by Andrew Grey

I have enjoyed the Senses series as I do with all of Andrew Grey’s books. I have to say , this one is my favorite. That’s saying a lot because I really love Patrick.

It takes a special person to want to be with another even though they already have a child and not just any child. Tom knows that Greg and his son are a packaged deal and he still wants in the game.

Greg’s life in centered around his Davey.  He wants his son to be happy and healthy and he spends most of his free time that he isn’t working, making that happen.

Tom and Greg meet at a party thrown by mutual friends that the reader met in the past Senses books. They start talking about Greg’s son and his eyesight and how much he liked to play baseball. Tom is determined to be a part of Greg’s life and he wants to help his son. So he does research on how to bring the gift of playing ball back to Greg’s son, enter Beep Ball. That’s not an accurate way the story goes chronologically but it happens.

There may be two men being brought together in this book,  but the true love story in this book is the one  about the love a father has for his son and the love a man has for another man’s child as he brings back the joy of baseball to a child who has lost is vision.

I really loved these characters, they are believable. Even Greg’s ex-wife is well written. She has to be, because I wanted to kill her. J

I give this story 5 blue roses

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