Monday, December 15, 2014

Fire and Water by Andrew Grey

Title: Fire and Water

Author: Andrew Grey

Cover Artist: L.C. Chase

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC

Length: 200 pages

Release Date: December 15, 2014



Officer Red Markham knows about the ugly side of life after a car accident left him scarred and his parents dead. His job policing the streets of Carlisle, PA, only adds to the ugliness, and lately, drug overdoses have been on the rise. One afternoon, Red is dispatched to the local Y for a drowning accident involving a child. Arriving on site, he finds the boy rescued by lifeguard Terry Baumgartner. Of course, Red isn’t surprised when gorgeous Terry won’t give him and his ugly mug the time of day.

Overhearing one of the officer’s comment about him being shallow opens Terry’s eyes. Maybe he isn’t as kindhearted as he always thought. His friend Julie suggests he help those less fortunate by delivering food to the elderly. On his route he meets outspoken Margie, a woman who says what’s on her mind. Turns out, she’s Officer Red’s aunt.

Red and Terry’s worlds collide as Red tries to track the source of the drugs and protect Terry from an ex-boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer. Together they might discover a chance for more than they expected—if they can see beyond what’s on the surface.


“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.” 
Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Fire and Water by Andrew Grey is such a fantastic read. I kept looking at the page count to see how far from the end I was getting. I just wanted it to go on and on. It’s that good.

Terry begins the story believing himself to be one way and ends the story learning about the person he actually is and wants to be. First impressions are almost always the worst as they were for Terry. He portrayed himself as shallow, everything was about his looks and what he could get with them. It was pleasant to watch him grow into the man he unlocked from within.

At first sight, Red would be the beast in this story if Terry were the beauty. However looks aren’t everything, Red’s beauty shines from within. The big guy has such a kind heart that he chooses to help the very man who first insulted him. I have a soft spot for the big guys that Andrew Grey writes, they’re mostly big teddy bears with a slight edge, the heroes anyway.

I really enjoyed reading this story as I said. It was nice to see the last big guy Andrew created that I fell in love with from another book. I have already read it twice.

I will have to give this book  Six Blue Roses . I know it’s more than usual but this is my review site. I can do what I want. ;)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Stardust by Andrew Grey

Title: Stardust

Author: Andrew Grey

Cover Artist: Catt Ford

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC

Length: 62 pages

Release Date: December 1, 2014

Duncan is an ocean from home over the holidays and expects to spend them alone. To his pleasant surprise, one of his European co-workers, Georg, befriends him and includes Duncan in the holiday traditions of his homeland: cutting a Christmas tree under starry skies at Georg’s country estate, decorating it at the family’s city home, and shopping at the Christmas market in Munich. Both men are lonely and realize they have much in common. But Georg’s life is in Germany and Duncan’s is in Boston. With the project they’re working on nearing completion, any chance for more than a holiday fling seems as elusive as stardust.

Stardust is about a man who looks toward the stars while wondering if something better will come along down on the ground. It’s the holidays, because of work he’s alone in a foreign country where people are speaking a language he doesn’t know. He’s lonely. Duncan doesn’t expect to find love in a foreign land.
Enter Georg, a co-worker of sorts while Duncan is in Germany. He makes Duncan’s holiday magical. They spend a lot of time together and traditions about the holidays isn’t the only thing they share.
This is a lovely holiday read. I’ve already read it twice. I highly recommend it.
I give this story 5 Blue Roses

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Chaotic Range (Book 7, Range Series) By Andrew Grey

A Chaotic Range

Andrew Grey                                     


Dreamspinner Press LLC

Release Date:
November 7, 2014


Most of the time ranch hand David rescues stray cattle, but this time he and his fellow cowboys Wally and Haven save a stranded motorist. David is surprised to find his former high school classmate nearly frozen in his car. After learning that Brian Applewright’s boss fired him from his ranch for being gay, they invite him back to theirs to take a job.

David and Brian moved in different social circles at school, but working together brings them closer. However, David has a rocky history on the ranch. The foreman is his ex, and he only recently returned after a heartbreakingly unsuccessful attempt to find greener pastures. He can’t risk his heart getting close to anyone.

But on a ranch, nature has a way of forcing an issue. When a snowstorm threatens, David and Brian head out to mend a fence and round up some stray cattle. David gets injured, and they must survive in the snow, cold, and wind. It might be the start of a relationship… or the end of their lives.


I love The Range series, it’s like seeing old friends again while you meet new ones. I can tell you however I did not like David for the first part of this book. Feelings got hurt and I wasn’t in a place to forgive him for what he did to Mario yet. I know I wasn’t the only one he hurt. Seriously, I didn’t like him at first but as the story went on, he redeemed himself. I think Brian had a lot to do with the change in David though.

You know that saying. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”? Yes, well David finally found himself and finished unfinished business. Then he was able to grab onto what was in front of him. Up until the arrival of Brian, David was just there to do his job and lay low. Everyone deserves a second chance and I’m glad now that he got one and it was because Andrew Grey has a kind heart.

Brian, what can I say about Brian? He’s very sweet and he came across to me as innocent. I cannot imagine not wanting a man like him around. But there were things and I do mean things, the word human is too good for them, who hated him just because of who he chose to love. They made his life miserable where he came from. That’s ok though, he found his place with David, Dakota and the rest of the good looking cowboys. Brian is a strong person and a survivor as he has demonstrated quite a few times in this story. I really hope to see more of him in the future.

This book is terrific, I read it straight through from beginning to end in one day. I highly recommend this book and if you haven’t read the Range Books yet. I will list them in order below.

This book gets five Blue Roses


Range Books in Order:

A Shared Range- Published 2010

A Troubled Range- Published 2011

An Unsettled Range- Published 2012

A Foreign Range- Published 2012

An Isolated Range- Published 2012

A Volatile Range- Published 2013

A Chaotic Range- Published 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Love Comes Around

Love Comes Around isn’t your average or typical boy meets boy, boy falls in love with boy, they have a fight and separate only to come back to their senses and live happily ever after. No, not one of those, oh there is man meets man but this story dives deeper than that. Also let’s face it, Andrew Grey doesn’t write unhappy endings. He’ll make us cry before we get there but all is well that ends well when reading a book of his. What’s more dominant in this book is finding a place to belong when you’re not good enough or you think you’re not to be wanted. It’s about the love of children that normally wouldn’t get the love they deserve just because they’re not physically perfect or that they’re too much trouble. It takes special people to love these special kids.

Connor O’Malley is a handyman who takes time to make repairs on The Pleasanton Home for Children, which is basically a nice way of saying orphanage. He feels a connection with the kids because he’s felt unwanted his entire life so when he’s there working on something he always leaves time to visit with the children.

Dan Harrington is a very successful businessman. He is striving to prove his father wrong and to make a family of his own choosing. He chooses a family that no one else wanted and who will love him just as he is.

Connor and Dan knew of each other in high school from afar but they meet again because of the work Dan needed done on his home so he could bring another special child into it. An 8 year old boy with MS in a wheelchair named Jerry. Dan had already brought home a 6 year old girl named Lila who has to rely on fore-arm crutches to get around.

Then there’s  Wilson. He took care of the house before Dan took ownership of the place and decided to keep him on. Wilson is the man who keeps everything together, like super glue. He may have started as Dan’s employee but over the years it’s more of a friendship that keeps the wheels turning for the household. He’s like Alfred.

You will fall in love with this brood, I have no doubt. All of them are wrestling with fears of being left alone and having to fight their own demons. Lila and Jerry are very special children, not only because of their physical in-capabilities but because of how they chose to handle them.

Love Comes around has a special place in my heart. I was once one of the unwanted children myself. Happy Reading!

 I give this book 5  Blue roses

Monday, August 18, 2014

Upside Down by Andrew Grey


Lowell Cartwright’s life as a mercenary problem solver has taken its toll, and after one more difficult job, he wants out. For help, he turns to Bull, a soldier of fortune turned club owner—not exactly a friend, but the best chance Lowell has. He visits Bull’s club to scope it out and meets Jeremy Hodgson. The twink captures his attention in a big way. Bull tells Lowell to stay away from the club until he decides whether he can help, so Lowell stays in town. When he spots Jeremy passed out on the floor of a convenience store, he goes to Jeremy’s aid.

Lowell piques Jeremy’s interest immediately, pushing all the right buttons. Then, when Jeremy needs help, Lowell’s kindness turns interest into something more.

But trouble comes knocking when Jeremy’s place is bugged. Maybe Lowell’s past is catching up to him, or maybe the danger centers on Jeremy’s roommate Tristan’s mysterious boyfriend. Whatever the source of the problem, the future Lowell and Jeremy hope for doesn't stand a chance unless they can find a way to protect themselves.

My Review:

Spook has been redeemed! I love how Andrew Grey changed his fate. He was a cool badass in the first one, where you didn’t know whether to like him or hate him. He did pull a gun on Bull after all. That would explain the bad attitude that Zach has in this. Zach goes from the timid/shy character to protecting mama tiger who takes no prisoners. Alas, this book isn’t about him and Bull. Well, not directly. It is Spook’s and Jeremy’s turn to shine.

Lowell aka Spook, wants out of the mercenary business and he only knows of one person who had successfully left it all behind so he goes to him for help. While waiting to talk to Bull, Lowell’s eyes fall upon Jeremy Hodgson. 

Bull tells Lowell he’ll think about helping but in the meantime to stay away from the club.

In the meantime Lowell comes across Jeremy passed out in a store and helps him.

Lowell catches Jeremy’s eye. He pushes all of Jeremy’s buttons and he wants to know Lowell better but before that happens there are hurdles to jump as in who can they trust and house to clean as in get rid of people who are after you.

I LOVE this book, but I have to say I still love Bull more. Although Upside Down was closer to the life of a mercenary.  I really love these books and hope the rest of the party finds love as well. Maybe not as dangerous , Tristan needs a good man.J

I give this story Five Blue Roses

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Electrochemistry by Andrew Grey.

Meet Brad Jergens, a science major in college.
Meet Jordy Fleming, a student  at the same college. A person Brad notices from afar but feels he doesn’t stand a chance of being good enough for Jordy.
Brad is coerced into going on a cruise with his family during the break in school. He asks his best friend. Helen to go with him so he’s assured he’d have somewhat of a good time.

First  day on the ship and what do you know, fate happens. He runs, literally, into Jordy.
They hang out together and it looks like they’re getting close. Brad thinks he’s just a ship romance for Jordy.

This was a really fun read. It’s light and has funny parts. The most angst in this book is in Brad’s head.

Where it ended, I hope there will be a sequel or at least they will be in the next book somehow. The romance didn’t have a chance to run that far. The story  tells of a nice beginning and I would love to see where this one goes.

I really enjoy Andrew Grey’s writing and I have enjoyed this series.  This is a must read for new fans and old fans alike.
I give this Five Blue Roses

Pride and Modern Prejudice by AJ Michaels


If you are a fan of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice , a fan of boy meets boy and falls in love with said boy, then you are in for a treat.

Pride and Modern Prejudice is Austen’s Pride and Prejudice meets current day.  Being that she did things out of the norm of women in her day, I do believe this is the version she would have written if she had written it in this day and age.

Instead of the Bennet sisters it has the Bennet brothers. The two oldest being  Jamie and Liam. One is shy and the other is mouthy.

There is Charlotte as the best friend to Liam. You’ll have to read the book to find out if she marries Mr. Collins. Yes he is in there too.

Find out who falls prey to Mr. Wickham. I’m not stating any spoilers by saying that because any Jane  Austen fan will already know he’s bad news J

Even Catherine de bourgh with snobbishness.

This is a terrific read for any fan of AJ Michaels and any fan of Jane Austen.

I give this book five Blue Roses.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Love Means...Patience by Andrew Grey

 I have to tell you that this story made me angry, not because of the way it was written but the subject made me angry. With all great books, this one invoked powerful feelings for me. What made me angry was the reminder that we have brave men, gay and straight fighting for our country but the gay men do not get the respect that they deserve. If he is found to be gay, he gets discharged with a dishonorable. That is if he isn’t killed in ‘combat’. They don’t have medical coverage to help with the remnants of war. All vets are dealing with that now. Whew, ok on with the review. Just remember a great book causes a multitude of emotion.


I have to start off mentioning Eli. That man is a saint, he tries to help everyone. I know he’s not a new character in the Love Means series but I’m mentioning him on the fact he was instrumental of getting Cory and Brick together. Besides he compared himself to Cory on how he became a part of the family.


The mind is a powerful thing but sometimes it keeps us from knowing what’s real or not. Cory has been out of the service for about 2 years. However, when he breaks into the kitchen of Geoff and Eli’s farm, he still thinks the enemy is around and he’s in enemy territory. He’s caught. I will let you read the book to find out how, it’s kind of funny. Instead of pressing charges, Geoff and Eli try to help him. They call on a friend who has been through this to try to get through to Cory.

Brick has been where Cory is, he too has a dishonorable discharge for being gay. In one instant the life he knew was ripped away from him. Then when he’s home tragic hits him again.  He still has the nightmares occasionally and the flashbacks but he tried to deal with his problems from war and being alone, from the bottom of a bottle. Eli and Geoff helped him out of it and helped him save his farm. So Brick comes to meet Cory as paying a debt back to Eli.


Brick and Cory worked well together. Sometimes it does take someone who’s been there to understand. I liked how Brick didn’t push Cory too hard and just let him come to terms in his own time. Brick did remind him periodically that he was no longer in the war. That he was home and safe. That is until his brain unraveled something that he saw that put him in danger. But we all know he survives this too. This is an Andrew Grey book, he wouldn’t give us anything but a happy ending. Besides once a Marine, always a Marine.

This is one of my favorite Love Means books. I always love how Andrew Grey brings people together who have been broken in some way or misguided to help them find love and within that love they find peace, understanding and healing.

I definitely give this book 5 Blue Roses.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stuck in Oz by Andrew Grey

First of all let me say it was weird reading about Jeremy, that’s my son’s name..LOL

This story is another example of role reversals that Andrew Grey has been doing very well.

Jeremy Radcliffe finds himself alone and homeless with his little brother Petey after their mother died and the house was taken away to pay his mother’s debts. Afraid social services would take Petey, and with nowhere else to go, Jeremy fled with his brother to Kansas. There, he’s hoping his Uncle Milt can help. He doesn’t know his uncle all that well because of bad blood between his mother and uncle. With a mother who hardly paid attention to him and his own father leaving when he was young, Jeremy never felt loved and wanted. He never felt like he belonged. So when Uncle Milt welcomes them into his house, Jeremy assumes he’s just welcoming Petey. So he does the stupid thing of leaving, well trying to leave. It’s hard to leave with snow all around you in a car that’s seen better days.


Nate seems to have it all together. He is not afraid to go after what he wants and what he wants his Jeremy. He’s sweet and understanding but he has fears of his own that sometimes doesn’t show on the outside. He’s busy running from someone from his past. Until Jeremy teaches him to stand up for himself. Even then everything isn’t always what it seems.

Uncle Milt doesn’t talk much so it’s hard to decipher what he feels, which feeds more to Jeremy’s insecurities.  He learns to not keep important things inside after Jeremy misunderstands just who Milt wants in his home. Petey? Well, Petey is just adorable! Can’t help but to love Petey.

I’ve enjoyed the Oz books. I enjoyed the cameo appearance of Roger and Lyle from the first book, Dumped in Oz.

I give this book 5 blue roses

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Case of Possession by KJ Charles

A Case of Possession is book two in the A Charm of Magpies Series. It can be read on it’s own but you will not get the full effect of the characters or the relationships the characters have with one another. It is my suggestion that you read The Magpie Lord first.

I had not read The Magpie Lord when I was asked to review A Case of Possession. I read the first two chapters and stopped. I could not do a review on a second book in a series when I haven’t even read the first one. So that is what I did. I read The Magpie Lord through without putting it down, it was that good. By this time I was excited to see what awaited me in the second book, A Case of Possession, the one I am to review. It was the same as the first, so good I couldn’t put it down.

The book read like a four hundred page novel, in that it was full of adventure, mystery, other wordly factors and off course relationships. It did not drone on like a dry wordy story. The story is fast paced and when you are finished reading it in one sitting, because you’ll want to do that, you’ll want the story to continue.

Being the mystery buff that I am, this had me guessing all the way to the end. It’s that well written.

Lord Crane is a hard man to describe. He’s judged harshly just because of his father and brother’s reputation, a judgement he doesn’t deserve. He has done scrupulous things but he’s not a hateful man or a monster.

When it comes to Stephen Day, there is more there than what is initially  seen. He’s afraid to come out of the closet because it may mean he loses his friends and his occupation. I like how he was written, strong on the outside not needing anyone but on the inside he’s terrified of his heart.

My favorite character is Merrick, he’s in a class of his own.

Want to know more, I highly suggest reading this series. I cannot wait for the third one to come out.

I give this book five blue roses.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Courageous Ride By Andrew Grey

It is said that music inspires feelings. I think in this case Marshall’s feelings for the ranch and Indigo inspires the music.  Trying to find his own way in the world without his family’s money and their ideas for his career, Marshall runs himself exhausted going from interview to interview to find a place to call home being an orchestra conductor. He conducts other’s works not really hearing the music that is within him. That is until he gets the peace and quiet of the dude ranch he has taken is vacation on. With the exhaustion gone and the quiet of the outdoors in the country, with the added bonus of one hot cowboy, Marshall starts to hear his own music  that needs to be performed.

Indigo has troubles of his own. He feels like a broken, washed up ex bullrider. Like the books says though, “Once a Marine, always a Marine. Once a bullrider, always a bullrider. It’s what is in the heart. To make sure  he gets to keep his ranch for himself and others that depend on it as being home, he turns it into a Dude Ranch after his parents pass away and he can no longer compete in the Rodeo. Keeping to himself and doing what has to be done day to day is what he does. Until Marshall comes to the ranch for a vacation and turns the bullrider’s world upside down.

I absolutely loved these characters, not just the main characters but the supporting ones as well. As with most of Andrew Grey’s books, it’s always wonderful to see past characters littering the background. The secondary characters in this story do not really feel secondary. Everyone has time in the forefront. The only thing I would have liked to have seen that wasn’t there is more interaction between Indigo and his brother. Overall this is a fantastic book, a great read.
I give this 4.5 Blue Roses

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love Comes Home by Andrew Grey

I have enjoyed the Senses series as I do with all of Andrew Grey’s books. I have to say , this one is my favorite. That’s saying a lot because I really love Patrick.

It takes a special person to want to be with another even though they already have a child and not just any child. Tom knows that Greg and his son are a packaged deal and he still wants in the game.

Greg’s life in centered around his Davey.  He wants his son to be happy and healthy and he spends most of his free time that he isn’t working, making that happen.

Tom and Greg meet at a party thrown by mutual friends that the reader met in the past Senses books. They start talking about Greg’s son and his eyesight and how much he liked to play baseball. Tom is determined to be a part of Greg’s life and he wants to help his son. So he does research on how to bring the gift of playing ball back to Greg’s son, enter Beep Ball. That’s not an accurate way the story goes chronologically but it happens.

There may be two men being brought together in this book,  but the true love story in this book is the one  about the love a father has for his son and the love a man has for another man’s child as he brings back the joy of baseball to a child who has lost is vision.

I really loved these characters, they are believable. Even Greg’s ex-wife is well written. She has to be, because I wanted to kill her. J

I give this story 5 blue roses

Friday, March 7, 2014

ScrewUps by Jamie Fessenden

Title: Screwups

Author: Jamie Fessenden

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC

Release Date: March 7, 2014



1996, Jake Stewart is starting his third year at the University of New Hampshire. Even as a successful business major, he is absolutely miserable. Not only is Jake pursuing a field he hates when he’d rather study art, he is utterly terrified of what will happen if his father finds out he’s gay. When he finally gets up the courage to move into the creative arts dorm on campus, his new roommate, Danny, is openly gay—and there’s no denying the attraction between them.

Danny Sullivan has been out since high school, and he appears comfortable with his sexuality. But something happened in Danny’s past—something that gives him nightmares he refuses to talk about. Unknown to Jake, the way he mistreated his friend, Tom Langois, when Tom came out to him in high school, is mild compared to the way someone very much like Jake treated Danny.

It may be too late to fix the mess Jake made with Tom, but if Jake wants to be with Danny, he’s going to have to fix the mess made by another closeted jock he’s never even met


This story is not the light-hearted story that the cover and title make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, there are hilarious parts that will have you laughing. As with any great story, this made me laugh, cry and get very angry.

Jake may be studying business but that is not where his heart lies. He suffers under the pressure of having to do what his father expects of him. Growing up with a father who thinks art is a waste of time and two older twin brothers who would rather pin him to the ground with a wrestling move than hug him, Jake is stuck. Until he decides to take an art class and takes measures to move into the artist dorm. This is not easy for the jock looking student. It’s a case of judging a book by its cover, but things are not always what they seem. With the exception of how he treated his old friend Tom, Jake’s not a bad guy. Right?  When he moves in, his life is never the same. Not after he meets Danny, that is.

Danny is scarred from his past, bullied by jocks and everyone else in high school after he comes out. A painful event happened to him that gives him nightmares to this day that he will not talk about. Danny has an inner strength in him considering his past or it may be because of it. Danny is out and proud and on the outside he looks like he could handle anything. On the inside he’s always waiting for something sinister to happen.  He likes Jake from the start even getting past his outward appearance of being just like the others in his past. There is just something different about him.

This book is well written and pings the geek spectrum. Well, there is Dungeons & Dragons with costumes. What more could you want? Round that out with a terrific group of friends who have your back and you have a well rounded book.

Trust me, you’ll want to read this.

I give this book 5 Blue Roses.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Good Deed by Andrew Grey


First I have to say that this book threw me for a loop. Reading the blurb I expected some hateful subterfuge in diabolic proportion not just a conniving mother hell bent on getting her way. I have been reading Andrew Grey’s books for years. In my opinion he has found a new style of writing that started with the release of Stranded, still just as good and maybe even a little better.

Luca is running away from his country, Serbia, for a better life in the United States. His parents have disowned him because he dared to love another man. After he lost this man, Luca had nothing left for him there so he immigrated.

Upon reaching the United States, he’s fresh off the plane when he learns of his cousin/sponsor’s death. His first taste of America is his cousin’s funeral. He starts to panic not knowing what he’s going to do. At the funeral he feels the familiar atmosphere, and not such a fish out of water, most were speaking Serbian there. That is where he meets Peter.

Peter has his own troubles buried under the surface but guilt and a kind heart have him reaching out to Luca to help. He offers to teach Luca how to speak English. Thinking he shot his dad when he was six, he feels the need to help others when he can but it doesn’t ease the guilt. Luca hears Peter’s story and doesn’t think that is what happens and he encourages Peter to get help to find the truth.

I loved this story, there wasn’t that much miscommunication even though the two came from different cultures. Once Luca fell for Peter, he was in it for the long haul. There were no breakups like a lot of stories do. I was happy to see that, it was refreshing. It’s just about two guys who find acceptance, forgiveness and healing. But most importantly they learn to love and let go.This is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it.

I give this 4 ½ Blue Roses.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dumped In Oz by Andrew Grey

Lions, tigers and Bears, oh my! Just kidding. Given the name of the book, I couldn’t resist. There isn’t a Scarecrow, Tin Man or a cowardly lion. There isn’t even a Toto. I suppose you could call the main character a friend of Dorothy. There is however, a wicked witch and her flying monkey, metaphorically speaking of course.

Wamego, Kansas is a quaint little town where everyone not only knows your name but they know your business as well, which could be good in some instances. Frozen in time, this town holds charm and beauty and a little thing called “we take care of our own.” Its  home to the Oz Museum and the Oz Winery and a beautiful park to pass the time away.

This is where Lyle meets Roger. Lyle is a loner of his own doing but used to the fast pace of the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When he is asked to do a job in the “middle of nowhere” Kansas, he buckles. At first he didn’t want to take the job because he didn’t want to leave his life. With coaxing from friends, he realizes he doesn’t have a life and decides to make the move. Not knowing that he just might meet his future there.  When he arrives in Wamego, he feels like he’s gone to Heaven and it’s only for a year, so he thinks.

Roger is a recovering alcoholic, dealing with the wicked witch and her flying monkey. I mean his ex-wife and her brother. But he’s managed to stay clean for his twelve year old daughter. In order to have her visit him on her breaks from school , he has to stay sober and he feels he has to deny who he is so he doesn’t lose his daughter to the ex.

Lyle helps Roger see the possibilities and helps Roger grow a backbone by giving him support when he needs it. They both learn to trust another person, something neither one did easily. Lyle helps Roger live again and Roger helps Lyle love again.

 Don’t let this review and the name fool you though, it has nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz except for maybe the two tourist traps it has. I have to admit though what pulled me to this book was the mention of Oz, I’m a big Wizard of Oz fan and the fact I am a fan of Andrew’s work. What I liked most about it though was the caring people throughout the book. Alcoholism is not an easy thing to deal with, sometimes it really does take a village.It’s a strong subject to tackle and I think Andrew did an awesome job. I was impressed how Andrew decided to have the town rally around Roger instead of against him. Roger had more true friends than he thought at first even if he was gay, they’d accepted him for the way he’s always been. Roger, “owner of the diner in town”.  I also liked how two broken souls were made whole with the love from each other. The characters were well written. I knew who I liked and who I didn’t.

I  would highly recommend this book. I give it 5 Blue Roses.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Inside Out by Andrew Grey

Some say reviewers should not get personal in their reviews of other’s works. I disagree. Aren’t we already getting personal by giving our opinion and rating it?

That being said, I have read everything Andrew Grey has ever published. He was my introduction into the M/M world. I am a big fan of this Love Means books and I absolutely love the colorful character of Lonnie in another series by Andrew Grey. So knowing all of his characters, I can safely say that Bull is the best character he’s created! He’s huge, bald and abrasive. By looking at him a person would get the idea he’d rather kick your ass than shake your hand.  With the exception of his childhood friend and business partner, he never let anyone in and get close to him. Or so it seems. He reminds me of a big biker I met once, I was at a concert and he kept people from running me over. If I had met him in an alley I would have been scared, that is until I looked down at his wrist. He was wearing a Mickey Mouse watch, one big contradiction.

Zach is a man who wears his heart on his sleeves who is a lot younger than Bull and not to mention a lot smaller. Bull’s outward appearance doesn’t bother Zach. He can see the man behind the tough fa├žade and he wants to get to know him better.

Its funny watching the whole relationship unfold. Is it possible for a tough guy to turn into a teddy bear?  If you want to know what I mean then read the book.

I give this book 5 blue roses

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Enlightenment of Daniel by Eli Easton


Sex in Seattle: Book Two

Business tycoon Daniel Derenzo lives for his work until his dying father reminds him life is short. When Daniel starts to reevaluate his world he experiences a startling revelation—he’s attracted to his business partner and best friend, Nick, even though Daniel always believed himself to be straight. In typical type-A fashion, Daniel dissects his newfound desires with the help of the experts at the Expanded Horizons sex clinic. He goes after Nick with the fierce determination that’s won him many a business deal.

Nick Ross was in love with Daniel years ago, when they were roommates in college. But Daniel was straight and Nick patched his broken heart by marrying Marcia. Two kids and fourteen years later, they go through the motions of their marriage like ships passing in the night. But Nick’s kids mean the world to him, and he’s afraid he’ll never get joint custody if they divorced. If he can trust his heart to an awakening Daniel, they all might find their way to a happily ever after

I lost sleep over this book. I couldn’t put it down, I ended up reading this in one sitting. That’s not unusual with an Eli Easton book. Even though this book can be read alone, you would get a more understanding of sub characters if you read the first one before you dove into this story. I strongly recommend it. The first book is called “Trouble with Tony”.

The Enlightenment of Daniel will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It might even make you throw something. This story isn’t without it’s angst but what good story is? The characters are well written. Take Daniel for instance, after a push from his father, it didn’t take him long to know what he wanted out of life. When he figured that out, it was impressive to see him go after what he wanted and he wanted Nick.

Nick had been in love with Daniel since college but it was hard for him to come to terms that Daniel loved him back. He was married with two kids and he felt trapped in his marriage. I have no comment about his ahem, wife. His kids were terrific though, loved them. It’s a must read.

I give this book 5 blue roses