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A Chaotic Range (Book 7, Range Series) By Andrew Grey

A Chaotic Range

Andrew Grey                                     


Dreamspinner Press LLC

Release Date:
November 7, 2014


Most of the time ranch hand David rescues stray cattle, but this time he and his fellow cowboys Wally and Haven save a stranded motorist. David is surprised to find his former high school classmate nearly frozen in his car. After learning that Brian Applewright’s boss fired him from his ranch for being gay, they invite him back to theirs to take a job.

David and Brian moved in different social circles at school, but working together brings them closer. However, David has a rocky history on the ranch. The foreman is his ex, and he only recently returned after a heartbreakingly unsuccessful attempt to find greener pastures. He can’t risk his heart getting close to anyone.

But on a ranch, nature has a way of forcing an issue. When a snowstorm threatens, David and Brian head out to mend a fence and round up some stray cattle. David gets injured, and they must survive in the snow, cold, and wind. It might be the start of a relationship… or the end of their lives.


I love The Range series, it’s like seeing old friends again while you meet new ones. I can tell you however I did not like David for the first part of this book. Feelings got hurt and I wasn’t in a place to forgive him for what he did to Mario yet. I know I wasn’t the only one he hurt. Seriously, I didn’t like him at first but as the story went on, he redeemed himself. I think Brian had a lot to do with the change in David though.

You know that saying. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”? Yes, well David finally found himself and finished unfinished business. Then he was able to grab onto what was in front of him. Up until the arrival of Brian, David was just there to do his job and lay low. Everyone deserves a second chance and I’m glad now that he got one and it was because Andrew Grey has a kind heart.

Brian, what can I say about Brian? He’s very sweet and he came across to me as innocent. I cannot imagine not wanting a man like him around. But there were things and I do mean things, the word human is too good for them, who hated him just because of who he chose to love. They made his life miserable where he came from. That’s ok though, he found his place with David, Dakota and the rest of the good looking cowboys. Brian is a strong person and a survivor as he has demonstrated quite a few times in this story. I really hope to see more of him in the future.

This book is terrific, I read it straight through from beginning to end in one day. I highly recommend this book and if you haven’t read the Range Books yet. I will list them in order below.

This book gets five Blue Roses


Range Books in Order:

A Shared Range- Published 2010

A Troubled Range- Published 2011

An Unsettled Range- Published 2012

A Foreign Range- Published 2012

An Isolated Range- Published 2012

A Volatile Range- Published 2013

A Chaotic Range- Published 2014

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