Saturday, January 17, 2015

Love Means..Endurance By Andrew Grey

Title:  Love Means..Endurance
Author:  Andrew Grey
Publisher:   Dreamspinner Press LLC.
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Pgs.  200
Release Date:  January 16, 2015

Together  for  over  ten years, Geoff and Eli built a fulfilling life. Their love and support helped raise their adopted son. Their hard work and dedication grew their farm from raising cattle and boarding horses to expanding into therapy riding sessions. Surrounded by a loving circle of friends, Geoff and Eli couldn’t ask for more. Until driven Eli loses his energy, and the doctor gives them the dire diagnosis of cancer. 

Caught up in never-ending doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and treatments, their world turns upside down. With so many people dependent on them, they must pull together to put on a brave face, continue living as best they can, and care for their family. Geoff fears Eli, the love of his life, while a fighter, may not endure this battle, but neither is willing to consider succumbing as an option.

At first I didn’t want to read this story because it most likely marked the end of something that has been in my life for a few years. I have gotten to know Len’s family, let’s face it, it really all started with Len. He’s the one that helped save the Laughton Farm, the place where all of these wonderful characters received second chances, learned to love, healed, and was able to grow. Len was instrumental in raising Geoff to the man he is now. Teaching him compassion, how to love and not to discriminate and to just be himself.

Geoff took those lessons and opened his home to people who needed guidance and a place to call home. Those people became his family who had his back as he had theirs. One man in particular he gave a home to became the most special to him. Eli, a young Amish man finding his way in the new world, had become the love of his life and the heart and glue of the farm.

That leads to this story, the glue that is Eli. When Eli falls ill, the entire family pitches in and becomes the support Eli and Geoff need to get through this. Cancer is a scary thing and not all get lucky and beat it.

Now with that being said, this IS an Andrew Grey book. We know he wouldn’t be that cruel as to kill off one of the most beloved characters. He did make it challenging for Eli and Geoff though and let us not forget Jakey. Their son received a lesson about life and how it’s not always fair or going to be there.

As this one saddens me the most, mainly because what it might represent, it is my favorite of all of them. It was a family reunion of sorts, even if it was because of a bad situation. I got a glimpse into the lives of former characters and how they are doing.

That actually brings me to a point I want to make. Now this is just my opinion but this could use one more book or maybe a short story. Something or someone has to be fixed.

I love this book so much. I give it Five Blue Roses times Two. J

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