Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truth or Dare: Keeping House by Lee Brazil

Mischa is your typical trust fund baby. He's a big spender and a partier and he goes through his money like it's water. However, his trust fund is guarded by his older brothers after his parents tragic death until he turns 35. His money is deposited in his account every month but only what his brothers think it should take for him to live on. He is always borrowing money from his brothers so at their weekly poker game they set up a bet and a dare. They dare him to get a job for an entire year to take care of himself without the trustfund. If he loses the bet he has to pay a penalty to each of his brothers and do as they wish. This is not an option.

Donavan is looking for a housekeeper for his new home. He has always dreamed of owning his own home and having a family to come home to every night. The home is a wreck and he desperately needs help to get it in order. When he opens the door to find a skinny kid in Goth attire, and spiky hair, he almost closes it again. He doesn't think this kid is here for the job and he doesn't have a clue that this punk kid might turn out to be more than he was asking for.

First the banter between Mischa and his brothers is nothing more than hilarious at times. You can tell they love their little brother even though they get overbearing at times but what family doesn't?

Being a rich kid, Mischa has never done anything domestic in his life, like laundry and washing dishes but he is resourceful. With the help of the internet he is a quick learner and learns to take care of Donavan and his house. The last thing he was looking for when he applied for this job was to lose his heart to his employer.

Donavan cannot believe how much having Mischa around comes to mean to him. They are total opposites but somehow together they fit like a puzzle.

This book may be a novella but it reads like a full blown novel. The characters are well written and they have depth to them. The plot is sound so the reader does not come away feeling like they missed something.

I give this page turner a rating of five blue roses. This is a must read.

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