Sunday, December 22, 2013

Worth Waiting For by Kim Dare

Worth Waiting For by Kim Dare is a page turner.  Colby and Noah seem to be all wrong for each other at first glance. Colby is sweet and innocent and only fifteen years old and lives with his older brother. He’s on the swim team at his school and always does what he’s told.  Noah is old enough to get into clubs without a fake ID and  has had a troubled past not to mention been around the block a few times.

Colby has been watching Noah dance from across the street in his apartment since before he was fifteen bordering on stalking and voyeurism. Then one day when he was fifteen he decided to follow the man when he left his apartment. He knew he was going somewhere to pick someone up to bring home. Colby followed Noah to this club where Colby proceeded to use his brother’s ID that he took to get in. He found Noah at the bar and asked if he could buy Noah a drink. He told Colby he could have anything he wanted when he was old enough to get into the club without a fake ID. They had three years to wait.

Colby watched Noah dance everyday and waited. The time came to go back to the bar to buy Noah that drink. He caved and gave in and ended up taking Colby home to his place. The only thing that was promised was sex. No feelings, no dates just sex. Noah couldn’t help himself around Colby because he was a submissive and Noah knew just how to play Colby’s body and give him just what he needed.

Time passes and without either one of them noticing they become close emotionally.

At times in the story it seemed that Colby had the old soul and Noah was the one learning from him. He had certainly taught Noah that he deserved more than what he settled for and love was strong enough to last until the time was right.

If you like light D/s stories, this is for you. It is well written and deals with a tough subject but not in a really dark way.

I would give this book four and a half Blue Roses.

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